With ufs :

1. write uem with ur rpl
2. write pm.
3. ui setting

How to write this RPL using the JAF by :

1. Connect JAF BOX+PKEY to the PC

2. Connect the FBUS cable (very important_

3. Select the DCT-4 or BB5 tab

4. Select FBUS communication (from the "Communication mode" section)

5. Click the "INFO" button to connect/read your phone

6. Click the "CRT TOOL" button

7. Select the "Write RPL" option (don't check any other option, only the RPL must be selected)

8. Click the "SELECT RPL" button

9. Select the .RPL file ()

10. Click the "WRITE RPL" button

11. If phone says "phone startup failed"...
Use sx4 and write good pm.

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