Here's the solution:


And read next tutorial:

1-install Phoenix_2008_34-V1.exe and wait for about 5 min to finish installation,the patch soft will appear,now click PATCH,restart PC.

2-Download and install needed flash file from


(note:install only needed flash file,not more than one)

3-Launch phoenix and go File--Manage connections..--select NO CONNECTION and Apply.

4-Go FILE--Open Product--select your model and OK.

5-Go Flashing--Firmware update,new window popup,

Press [...] button and select desired product code

(If you install more than one flash file,products will be mixed for you now)

6-check DEAD PHONE USB FLASHING and press Refurbish,soft will ask you to power on the phone do it and enjoy FREE FAST EASY BB5 FLASHING.

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With ufs :

1. write uem with ur rpl
2. write pm.
3. ui setting

How to write this RPL using the JAF by :

1. Connect JAF BOX+PKEY to the PC

2. Connect the FBUS cable (very important_

3. Select the DCT-4 or BB5 tab

4. Select FBUS communication (from the "Communication mode" section)

5. Click the "INFO" button to connect/read your phone

6. Click the "CRT TOOL" button

7. Select the "Write RPL" option (don't check any other option, only the RPL must be selected)

8. Click the "SELECT RPL" button

9. Select the .RPL file ()

10. Click the "WRITE RPL" button

11. If phone says "phone startup failed"...
Use sx4 and write good pm.

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As previous

-works without dongle over usb cable. If it doesnt install

- try doing it on a fresh system. Tested on virtual machine works perfectly

(I have no time to reinstall system to try it on my hardware).



This Phoenix Service Software installation package includes following SW components:

- Phoenix Service Software 2008.34.6.35199

- DK2 Dongle Driver v Connectivity Cable Driver

- FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.20

- Flash Update 08.36.02Recommended PC HW requirements:

- Computer Processor: Pentium 4 or above or equivalent

- RAM 1 GB- Minimum free hard disk space 100 GB depending on installed product datapackagesSupported Operating Systems:

- Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or higher

- Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higherSupported phone models:

The list of supported models is available once Phoenix is installed bynavigating to the Open Product under the File menu.

Changes/improvements made to from v 2008.20.9.34260 to v2008.34.6.35199:


Support for new products added:

RM-442, RM-443, RM-368, TMO USRM-490, RM-415, RM-348, RM-349, RM-350- Rf_losses.ini ver38

- Flash Update 08.36.02 is added

- New FLSX drivers 2.09.20 are added

- N73 atutotune fix included- Wimax test has been addedKnown limitations/errors:- Phone models N82, N95 and N6110 fails to flash using FPS-10, FPS-20and FPS-21. On possible solution is to flash the listed phone with USBcables (N95 => DKE-2)

- Multiflash has limited capabilities:- Launch Multiflash UI first and then connect phones one by one

- Do not attempt to service more than 3 phones at a time

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Nokia LCD Codes

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This codes works for DCT4 phones. Checked with 1600 and 1650. It should be good solution to repair "fooked" LCDs, it's problem sometimes when we flash the Phone or upload a new PM
*#5511# - move LCD up-to-down
*#5513# - normal LCD position
*#5512# - move LCD from right-to-left
*#5514# - move LCD from left-to-righ

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Download Link

Download Link

Download Link

Download Link

W150i_A86_TATA_1212_0111033_A2019_3in1 W150i
Download Link

Download Link

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How the Cellular System Works:
Every cellular system digital or analog is comprised of four parts.

1 ) Cells and cell sites ( base stations )

2 ) Switching station ( mobile telephone switching office or MTSO )

3 ) System operator and its local office

4 ) Cellular telephones

The heart of the system is made up of individual radio coverage areas called " cells. " Each cell is a self-contained calling area. Within the cell, a cell site is strategically positioned as a base station for receiving, sending and routing the radio signals of cellular phone calls. Because the cellular system is a radio system, no exact boundary can be drawn on a map. In most cases calls can be place and received throughout the service area, except for certain enclosed areas such as underground parking garages. The No Svc ( No Service ) indicator will illuminate on the cellular phone when in one of those areas or is outside of the service area. The cell site's transmitter is low powered and does not reach much beyond that cell's boundaries. That makes it possible to reuse channels ( frequencies ) - a given channel can be used at the same time in different cells, as long as the cells do not border one another, without causing signal interference. This is particularly valuable in urban areas where lots of cellular phones are in use at the same time. All cell sites are connected to the Mobile Telephone Switching Office ( MTSO ), which provides connection into the Public Switched Telephone network ( PSTN ) - the local telephone company. The MTSO also provides other central functions, including call processing, traffic management, and transferring calls as a phone moves between cell sites.

Making a Call
When a cellular user makes a call from a cellular phone, radio signals are transmitted to the cell site. The cell site alerts the Mobile Telephone Switching Office ( MTSO ) switching station. The MTSO, in turn, provides an open channel ( frequency ) and connects the call to the Public Switched Telephone Network ( PSTN ). The PSTN put the call through to the number to be reached. This process takes the same amount of time that it takes to make a call from a land line phone.

Receiving a Call

These are the steps that occur when you receive a call on a cellular phone. A call placed to a cellular phone may come from either a land line phone or another cellular phone. Whichever the source, the MTSO is notified that a call has been placed to a specific cellular telephone number. At this point, the MTSO searches for the correct cellular phone by sending out data over the radio waves. Cellular phones that are in standby mode ( i.e., turned on but not being used in a call ) continuously scan the radio waves being transmitted by the MSTO. If a phone " hears " its telephone number, it sends back a signal that informs the closest cell site of its Electronic Serial Number ( ESN ) and its telephone number ( Mobile Identification Number or MIN ). The cell site passes this information to the MTSO, where the ESN and MIN are verified and a channel ( frequency ) is assigned for the call. The cellular phone receives the message directing it to tune to the correct voice channel. The cell site makes the voice channel available, and the call is completed.


Hand-off is the transfer of a call from one cell site to another as the cellular phone moves through the service coverage area. The cell site warns the MSTO that the mobile's signal strength is falling below a predetermined level. The MTSO then alerts all cell sites bordering on the first one. They measure the mobile's transmitting signal and report back to the MTSO. The MTSO, which is programmed to select the site receiving the strongest signal, then switches the call from the weak cell to the strongest cell without interrupting the call. The whole process takes a fraction of a second, and the caller usually is unaware of it. Such hand-offs may occur several times during a single conversation as the caller moves through the coverage area.


Roaming is a service offered by most cellular service providers that allows subscribers to use cellular service while traveling outside their home service area. When they are outside their home service area and come within range of another cellular system, the ROAM indicator on the cellular phone will light to show that they are in range. Typically there are two cellular system operators serving a specific area. One is a wireline ( local phone company ) and the other is non-wireline. When starting cellular telephone service, subscribers are assigned to one or the other. When they roam ( operate outside their home system ), their cellular phone will seek service from the same type of cellular system as the one they subscribe to at home. But if that type is not available where they are roaming, the phone will try to obtain service from the non-home-type system. A blinking light indicates a non-home-type system. There is an extra charge for calls placed while roaming.

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Today manole and zulea make again a desperate step in order to "save" the sold clone pkey as "original" for big money their dealers. They released so called JAF PKEY Expansion and the psychopats are saying that "Make Card life counter: 100% Forever (no more update PKEY)"

This is of course wrong and fake. This only fake the life counter, but will not give you any chance to acess updates directly from JAF server. This will in fact DAMAGE YOUR PKEY. Do no use this software, as u know cards destroyed after 15th of Dec.2008 will be not replaced !!! Download sofware only from JAF support !!! from

Resellers who still have cards from manole bought between 17oct and end of dez 2008, DO NOT HESSITATE, SEND ME YOUR OLD CARDS i will exchange for you for FRESH CARDS witout headache.

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Free Nokia CDMA Flash File

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CCS3R047 (17.12 MB)
ER_TKI_GEN_QS02255_B1906.01.RR001.02.cb (2.83 MB)
ER_TKI_QS02255_B1925.01.RR002.01 (2.82 MB)
FW_GEN_MS02520_R5904.01.TKI.RR003.01.cbb (9.10 MB)
HM_TKI_KS34102_B1400.01.RR002.03 (3.89 MB)
MK_TKI_QS02255_B1906.01.RR001.02.cbb (4.55 MB)
MK_TKI_QS02255_B1925.01.RR002.01.cbb (4.55 MB)
TH_GEN_MS02520_R5904.01.TKI.RR003.01.cbb (9.10 MB)
TKI_RH79BR015_1255_v2 (2.57 MB)

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Windows Mobile Pocket PC VGA devices specially HTC Touch Diamond, Htc Raphael and other VGA devices you can test it if it works

Newest HTC software extracted from HTC diamond and made as CABS for VGA devices. I have gathered all the softwares from HTC touch diamond the latest ones and made a package that includes all the latest softwares from htc diamond. These softwares are for VGA device so you can try them if you have got a VGA device and see if these softwares work for you also. All the latest softwares and tweaks that i have gatherd are included in this RAR file you can unrar it and then install any thing you want.

includes the following cabs that you can install :
- Opera Mobile Browser 9.5 Build 2392 if u have opera installed then u need the following instruction before installing this new opera build version. below u can download taskmanager 3.0 and then unzip and run taskmangr.eze and then terminate these two (2) processes : operaL.exe and Opera.exe and then exit taskmamager and then install opera latest build if you don't do this you will not be able to do a successful install !!!!

- Task Manager 3.0
- ARCsoft MMS_5.0.27.50
- HTC Album
- HTC AudioManager
- HTC Keyboard Ezinput
- HTC G-Sensor Calibration
- HTC Labrynth Teeter
- HTC MP3 Trimmer
- HTC Manila with animatione (slows the tabs but has all animated effects)
- HTC Manila with Call History Tab included so you get extra tab with clock animation
- HTC Manila with clock animation but without the call history tab
- HTC Manilla without any animation no clok animation or any !! don't like it but its latest
- TomTom 7.0
- HTC StreamingMedia
- HTC Task_Manager
- HTC Volume Control
- HTC YouTube Application
- JBlendJava_V3.3.5
- Microsoft Office 2007
- onenote 2007 ppc
- Microsoft Windows Live version Windows Live_10.6.39.1300
- Remote Destop
- Google Maps
- Adobe FLASH 3.1
- Adobe reader diamond
- HTC zip
- enable 14 T9 languages for htc diamond
- PsShut XP for htc diamond
- HTC Manila with animatione (slows the tabs but has all animated effects)
- HTC Manila with Call History Tab included so you get extra tab with clock animation
- HTC Manila with clock animation but without the call history tab
- Phone skin for htc touch diamond this will allow you to gain 5 MB storage and memory !!
- Htc diamond theme for windows media player
- PsShutXP diamond theme (unzip and put the two gif files to the folder where u have installed psshutxp like \program files\Psshutxp\
- TF3D Manila Editor 0.2
- Schaps Advance Configuration Tool version 3.2
- Manila tweaks version 0.5
- PhoneSkin disable
- Phone Skin Enable
- wifi Always On also after vrestarting device or after standbij
- Menu sound fix
- manila TF3D softkeys change to contacts and Commmanager
- Disable Sync when its always on disable it will automatically exit when device is not connected to PC
- Change Internal Storage name to STORAGE CARD useful when using some softwares that depends on storage card as its name
and many more tweaks and htc softwares !!!!!!! included in this package

Download the RAR file from below and unrar it and all the softwares are included in this package :

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* Unlock
* IMEI change / repair
* Format FMGR
* Repair EEPROM

Supported models:

- C115, C116, C117, C118
- C139, C140
- C155, C156, C157
- C257, C261
- V170, V171, V172, V173
- W370, W375

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- csca unlock was broken, fixed

rapidshare 029-030 UPDATE (VERY SMALL SIZE)

rapidshare FULL SETUP

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Mobi MB 2009 V3.53

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01.Browse your phone's folders using a simple explorer-style user interface
02.Drag & drop ringtones and graphics into the phone to use as a ringtone/logo
03.Manage your photos, music and other media files
04.Drag & drop Java MIDlets into the Games and Applications folders on your phone
05.Uploads files without affecting their original quality
06.Select colour wallpaper, operator logo, startup logos from your PC
07.Preview images and audio files on your PC (requires media player)
08.Save your existing files to your PC

About 387 phone types supported




Nokia*1680 Classic/1680 Classic 2b/1681 Classic 2b










Nokia*2600 Classic/2600 Classic B/2610/2610b


Nokia*2651/2652/2660/2680 Slide

Nokia*2680 Slide 2/2680 Slide 2b





Nokia*3109 Classic/3109 Classic B/3110 Classic/3120

Nokia*3120b/3120 Classic/3125/3128



File Manager
Java MIDLets
Colour Logos
Poly. Tones



Nokia*3500 Classic














Nokia*5310 XpressMusic








File Manager
Java MIDLets
Colour Logos
Poly. Tones




Nokia*6131 NFC/6133/6133b/6135















Nokia*6500 Classic/6500 Slide/6555/6555b






File Manager
Java MIDLets
Colour Logos
Poly. Tones



Nokia*7070 Prism/7070 Prism d-2/7070 Prism d-2b


Nokia*7210 Supernova*/7212 Supernova*





Nokia*7500 Prism*



Nokia*7610 Supernova*


Nokia*7900 Prism*

Nokia*8600 luna

Nokia*8800/8800d (Sirocco)/8800 Arte/8800 Sapphire Arte








File Manager
Java MIDLets
Colour Logos
Poly. Tones


Nokia*N80-3*/N80*/N80 (02)*


Nokia*N93*/N93-5*/N95*/N95 8GB*





















File Manager
Java MIDLets
Colour Logos
Poly. Tones


Motorola*E1 ROKR*







Motorola*V3 RAZR*










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For all nokia N85 owner you should update the firmware to v11.047.There are many thing change for the latest version as you read below;
# haracters in memory card not-present prompt note are not localized;
# Headset - volume adjustment is not working properly;
# Video disturb happened, once some other event happened during play fone TV on full screen;
# Bluetooth name cannot be defined in camera application;
# “Video call” is shown in Options when highlighting a contact in Space UI;
# Not detecting always wall charger > Not charging;
# 2G cannot connect to GPRS service in some cities in China;
# Non stop Music Player “Library update”;
# FMTX: The audio is routed to DUT speaker after receiving a message when FM transmitter is transmitting audio;
# Predefined contacts does not support Chinese characters;
# APN setting for Vodafone Mobile connect “Prompt Password is set to Yes”;
# Audio > downlink quality;
# Some of the S60 key presses are not registered by device;
# Network level icon is not shown during VT call;
# ITU is not responding when MO is done where slide is closed and opened when call is established;
# Long press of Media keys prev/next not working correctly for local videos;
# DTMF tones sent from prepaid line to *700 (or *500) are not received by NW;
# OFR_opo-up at boot about positionning;
# Orange enterprises APN is used by default in the email Wizard;
# Pod cast: messed up characters;
# All key presses are not registered by device;
# GSM/WCDMA - OTC - NW lost after handover with open data connection;
# general instability, improved;
# Battery KPI: Battery stand by measurement is too high;
# CSD - Data transmission breaks on HSCSD calls;
# [DRM Free][ID_MUP_FreeFTMD_102] Mp4AacM4A file cannot be played by the device (34047);
# Some KPI - Results are out of range;
# FTP: Speed download to low;
# [TPRO] Wap Live browsing : Access Time to the home page is too long (34970);
# 3G Network lost forever after cell reselection from 3G > 2G with an active PDP context;
# VARIANT - Operator RSK (live! icon) appears too small and distorted when in landscape in mode (VCP)

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NsPro v5.0.5 released

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NsPro v5.0.5 released
Added i780 support.
Added G810 support (require special G810 battery-cable)
Fixed M3200 unlocking bug.

Is highly recommended to use latest nspro version.

Older NsPro versions will stop working one by one!!!

Latest nspro version can be downloaded from nsteam website:
From NsPro support area
And from Rapidshare

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Here's any pin out cables that should we use to repair that phones.

And for UFS and NSPRO:Interface

Universal pinouts:

Flash File Here

Spiderman Cr**k

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- a2 flashing speed increased ~15%
- enabled error correction protocol for semc a2 phones
- again lowered altbypass speed of locosto-based phones to 460800
- misc unimportant changes/cosmetic bugfixes
rapidshare 028-029 UPDATE (VERY SMALL SIZE)

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Major Data Package
RM-356 dp v 2.0 (MCU SW 11.0.008)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 176.4 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-356 (5800 Xpress Music)

Minor Data Package
RM-208 dp v 8.01 (MCU SW 3.0633.69.00)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 44.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-208 (E65)

Minor Data Package
RM-244 dp v 2.31 (MCU SW 220.34.37)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 113.3 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-244 (E51)

Minor Data Package
RM-346 dp v 2.21 (MCU SW 110.07.127) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 149.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-346 (E71-1)

Minor Data Package
RM-343 dp v 4.01 (MCU SW 200.21.118)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 279.3 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-343 (E66)

Major Data Package
RX-34 dp v 9.0 (MCU SW 5.2008.43-7)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 100.5 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RX-34 (800)

Minor Data Package
RM-346 dp v 2.24 (MCU SW 110.07.127) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 69.7 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-346 (E71-1)

Minor Data Package
RM-133 dp v 22.01 (MCU SW 4.0839.42.0.1)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 13.2 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-133 (N73-1)

Minor Data Package
RM-133 dp v 21.06 (MCU SW 4.0812.4.0.1)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 11.7 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-133 (N73-1)

Minor Data Package
RM-133 dp v 22.02 (MCU SW 4.0839.42.0.1)
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 12.2 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-133 (N73-1)

Major Data Package
RM-346 dp v 3.0 (MCU SW 200.21.118) for MEA
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 171.9 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-346 (E71-1)

Major Data Package
RM-346 dp v 3.0 (MCU SW 200.21.118) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/23 Размер 439.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-346 (E71-1)

Major Data Package
RM-343 dp v 4.0 (MCU SW 200.21.118)
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 298.6 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-343 (E66)

Minor Data Package
RM-333 dp v 2.02 (MCU SW 11.047) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 39.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-333 (N85)

Major Data Package
RH-86 dp v 204.0 (MCU SW 7.11)
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 42.7 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RH-86 (2610)

Minor Data Package
RM-159 dp v 6.21 (MCU SW 30.0.015) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 29.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-159 (N95)

Minor Data Package
RM-159 dp v 6.20 (MCU SW 30.0.015) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 29.7 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-159 (N95)

Major Data Package
RM-367 dp v 4.0 (MCU SW4.13)
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 131.0 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-367 (6210 Navigator)

Major Data Package
Rm-409 dp v 3.0 (MCU SW 4.13) for MEA
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 136.7 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-409 (5320 Xpress Music)

Major Data Package
Rm-409 dp v 3.0 (MCU SW 4.13) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 152.6 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-409 (5320 Xpress Music)

Major Data Package
RM-305 dp v 35.0 (MCU SW 5.71) for MEA
Опубликованно 2008/12/22 Размер 106.2 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-305 (1650)

Major Data Package
RM-217 dp v 8.0 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 31.9 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-217 (6300)

Minor Data Package
RM-217 dp v 8.10 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 101.2 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-217 (6300)

Major Data Package
RM-237 dp v 8.0 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 30.0 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-237 (3110 Classic)

Minor Data Package
RM-237 dp v 8.10 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 36.9 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-237 (3110 Classic)

Major Data Package
RM-272 dp v 5.0 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 33.2 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-272 (3500 Classic)

Minor Data Package
RM-274 dp v 7.10 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 20.6 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-274 (3109 Classic)

Major Data Package
RM-340 dp v 4.0 (MCU SW 5.61)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 82.1 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-340 (2600 Classic)

Major Data Package
RM-348 dp v 3.0 (MCU SW 11.049) for MEA
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 84.4 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-348 (N79)

Major Data Package
RM-398 dp v 1.0 (MCU SW 3.80)
Опубликованно 2008/12/19 Размер 40.3 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-398 (7510 Supernova)

Major Data Package
RM-200 dp v 86.0 (MCU SW 3.52 & 3.56 & 3.91 & 4.10)
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 45.6 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-200 (6151)

Major Data Package
RM-240 dp v 26.0 (MCU SW 3.80 & 4.81 & 4.84 & 6.60 & 7.12 & 8.30 & 9.40)
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 274.0 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-240 (6500 Slide)

Minor Data Package
RM-247 dp v 2.05 (MCU SW 11.018)
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 84.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-247 (N96)

Major Data Package
Rm-274 dp v 7.0 (MCU SW 7.21)
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 20.8 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-274 (3109 Classic)

Major Data Package
Rm-303 dp v 7.0 (MCU SW 9.42)
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 42.0 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-303 (5310)

Major Data Package
RM-343 dp v 4.0 (MCU SW 200.21.118)
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 298.6 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-343 (E66)

Major Data Package
RM-348 dp v 3.0 (MCU SW 11.049) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/18 Размер 164.2 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-348 (N79)

Minor Data Package
RM-243 dp v 32.4 (MCU SW 6.01)
Опубликованно 2008/12/16 Размер 103.6 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-243 (6120 Classic)

Minor Data Package
RM-364 dp v 7.1 (MCU SW 9.41) for MEA
Опубликованно 2008/12/16 Размер 54.4 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-364 (3120 Classic)

Minor Data Package
RM-364 dp v 7.1 (MCU SW 9.41) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/16 Размер 140.7 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-364 (3120 Classic)

Minor Data Package
RM-343 dp v 3.13 (MCU SW 110.07.126)
Опубликованно 2008/12/16 Размер 72.1 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-343 (E66)

Minor Data Package
RM-333 dp v 2.01 (MCU SW 11.047) for Europe
Опубликованно 2008/12/16 Размер 30.3 MB
File type -> Software
Phones -> RM-333 (N85)

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Dear users,
We are pleased to announce a release of new versions of DBSS v3.12.1.

With this release we present:

1. Resolved server connection issue.

More features to come.
Best regards,
GSMDream team

DreamBox - Get more with it.

Direct Download Here

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Nokia CDMA Schematics

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Here's my collettion Nokia CDMA Schematics (1255, 2255, 2115/6, 3125, 6235, 6255)
i'll post my new Nokia CDMA schematics as soon as possible here.

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- Epocware Handy Alarm
- Smartphone Best CallRecode
- Psiloc Font Magnifier
- Epocware Handy Blasklist
- Epocware Handy Profiles
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Band GSM 900 / 1800
Display CSTN
Memory Yes
Cardslot None
Phone Book Yes
Ringtones Polyphonic
Browser None
Bluetooth None
Speaker Phone Yes
Messaging SMS
Camera None
Features Blacklist incoming call
FM Radio
Battery Li-Ion
standby time up to 100 h
talk time up to 2 h

For the firmware of Beyond B555 download here

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While it may not be Nokia's first touchscreen phone (anyone out there remember the 7710?), the 5800 XpressMusic is certainly the first to come out of Finland with a mainstream appeal. What we've alternately known as the "Tube" throughout much of its development cycle is the first production device to run S60 5th Edition -- the fourth major overhaul of Nokia's ubiquitous smartphone platform since 2002 and the first to support fingers, styli, and high-res displays. Speaking of high-res displays, the 5800 comes equipped with an impressive 3.2-inch 640 x 360 resistive touchscreen to go along with its 3.2-megapixel autofocus cam, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash, GPS, WiFi, 3.5mm jack, and a microSD slot with support for 16GB cards. It'll be available in three versions -- European HSDPA, North American HSDPA, and GSM only -- and ships this quarter in black, red, and blue for €279 (about $392) unlocked with an 8GB card thrown in for good measure. Music fans with voracious appetites for new tunes might want to hold out, though, for the Comes With Music-equipped version that follows on "early next year" at a to-be-announced price.

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it support :

Qtek 2020 - Dopod 696 - Dopod699 - O2 XDA II - T-Mobile MDA II -
i-mate Pocket PC Phone Edition - Orange SPV M1000 - VodafoneVPA -
Telefonica TSM500 - KromeNavigator F1 etc...

blue angel
O2 XDA IIs - T-Mobile MDA III - i-mate PDA2k - Qtek 9090 -
Dopod 700 - Orange SPV M2000 - E-Plus PDA III - Siemens SX66
- Tata Indicom Ego etc...

htc elf
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- Dopod S1 - T-Mobile MDA Touch - O2 Xda Nova etc...

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- T-Mobile MDA Mail - O2 Xda Cosmo - Orange SPV E600 etc...

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Vodafone v1615 - SFR v1615 - Swisscom XPA v1615 - T-Mobile MDA Vario III
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Dopod CHT9110 - Orange SPV M700 - Vodafone VPA Compact GPS
- SFR S300+ - Swisscom XPA v1510 etc...

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i-mate K-JAM - T-Mobile MDA Vario - T-Mobile MDA -
O2 XDA Mini S - Orange SPV M3000 - Cingular 8125 -
Vodafone VPA Compact II etc...



HTC TyTN - XDA trion - MDA Vario II - VPA Compact III
- SPV M3100 - Dopod CHT 9000 - Dopod 838 Pro etc...

qtek 4040 - xda-IV - SPV M5000 - mda-IV - imate 2005 etc..

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Dear Users
We are pleased to announce a release of new versions of DBSS v3.12.

With this release we present:

Released full support for the phone model TM506, A2 (DB3150) platform.

Added easy testpoints for the models W580 and S500 (stage1).

More features to come.

Best regards,

GSMDream team

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Nokia 6208 Classic

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Nokia 6208 Classic has a touchscreen and an alphanumeric keypad.
While Nokia N97 is the Finns first smartphone to feature a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard, the unannounced Nokia 6208 Classic is (almost) the first to have a touchscreen and a regular,alphanumeric keypad.

Yes, you've heard well, the giant company is getting ready to launch yet another touchscreen handset under the name of Nokia 6208 Classic.

What's weird is that, from the info known by
now, the 6208 Classic does not run on Symbian 9.4 S60 5th Edition (like the N97 and the 5800 XpressMusic). Instead, it might come with an S40 interface tweaked to work with a touchscreen.

Design-wise, Nokia 6208 Classic is not what you'd call beauty, but it's not an ugly phone, either. I think Nokia might have drawn its inspiration from the old 6708 when creating the 6208 Classic.

Anyway,here are they known specs of the new handset :

2.8 inch TFT display (touchscreen, as I already mentioned), with 16 million colors and 240 x 320 pixels.

Quad band GSM connectivity with GPRS, EDGE.

27MB of internal memory MicroSD card support.

3.2MP camera with autofocus and flash.

130 grams
109.8 x 49.3 x 14.7 millimeters.

Nokia 6208 Classic could be a handset destined only for the Chinese market, but until some official info about this appears, we can't say for sure.
Obviously, pricing and release date are also uncertainties, for the moment at least.

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