Today manole and zulea make again a desperate step in order to "save" the sold clone pkey as "original" for big money their dealers. They released so called JAF PKEY Expansion and the psychopats are saying that "Make Card life counter: 100% Forever (no more update PKEY)"

This is of course wrong and fake. This only fake the life counter, but will not give you any chance to acess updates directly from JAF server. This will in fact DAMAGE YOUR PKEY. Do no use this software, as u know cards destroyed after 15th of Dec.2008 will be not replaced !!! Download sofware only from JAF support !!! from

Resellers who still have cards from manole bought between 17oct and end of dez 2008, DO NOT HESSITATE, SEND ME YOUR OLD CARDS i will exchange for you for FRESH CARDS witout headache.

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