LG LU1600 Ice Cream Phone 2

LG Electronic today launch their new 3G mobile phone LG-LU1600 code name Ice Cream Phone 2 featuring ice cream inspired colors with led lighting.


The Ice Cream Phone 2 LU 1600 come with 15mm thickness LG clamshell phone design and the interesting feature is the pastel tone colors light when you receive a call. It can shine on the front panel phone with cute emoticons like heart and smiling face. It’s a really cute innovation from LG.

The LU1600 support EVDO Revision A mobile broadband and the other features like T-DMB, internet connection, e-dictionary function and many more. It will come in 3 different colors: Blue Sky, Snow White and Peach Pink with price 400,000 KRW and 500,000 KRV via LG Telecom.

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