MobTime Cell Phone Manager 2008 v6.6.5

1. Customize "Ctrl+Enter" to line feed when "Enter" is use to send message.
2. Add the "Auto Synchronize".
3. In the "Other" option card, the items in "Language" are shown as their own native words.
4. Record the selected size when newing animation.
5. Add the software's Debug mode (Encounter problems, you can enter the debug mode by "Help button - Debug mode - Restart our software").
6. In the short messages, improve the match accuracy between name and mobile No..
7. Solve sometimes the dial-up's parameters of national carrier cannot be loaded when calling Dial-up from the main program.
8. Solve the software cannot be activated which caused by the conflicts with some other software.
9. Fix some bugs.
10. Support a new phone: SonyEricsson W910.

Mobile handsets supported
LG: B2250, C2100, C3300, F1200, F2100, F2300, G282, G622, KE500, KE770, KE970-KU970, KG290, KG800, L3100, S5200, W3000

Alcatel: C753, OT556, OT557, OT735i, OT756, OT757

Bird: D600, DOEASY X8, S689, S889

Philips: 362, 530, 535, 568, 630, 650, 760, 768, 820, 855, 960, 9@9++, 9@9e, 9@9i

HUAWEI: T618, T668, U526, U626, U636

Kejian: K358, K606

Lenovo: V707

Motorola: A1000, A630, A925, C350, C381, C650, C975, E1, E1000, E365, E375, E398, E550, E6, E770, K1, L2, L6, L6i, L7, L71, L72, T720, T720i, U6, V180, V220, V226, V270, V280, V3, V300, V303, V360, V3i, V3ie, V3x, V500, V501, V525, V545, V547, V550, V6, V60, V600, V620, V635, V66, V70, V750, V8, V80, V872, V878, V975, V980, W510, Z3

Nokia: 3100, 3100b, 3108, 3120, 3200, 3200a, 3210, 3220, 3230, 3310, 3330, 3410, 3510, 3510i, 3610, 3650, 5100, 5110, 5140, 5140i, 5210, 6020, 6021, 6060, 6100, 6101, 6108, 6110, 6111, 6150, 6170, 6210, 6220, 6230, 6230i, 6250, 6260, 6270, 6310, 6310i, 6510, 6600, 6610, 6610i, 6620, 6630, 6650, 6670, 6681, 6800, 6810, 6820, 6822, 7110, 7190, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7360, 7370, 7380, 7600, 7610, 7650, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8310, 8800, 8850, 8855, 8890, 8910, 8910i, 9300, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, N70

Sagem: myC5-2, myV-55, myV-56, myX-7, myX-8, myX5-2, myX6-2

Mitsubishi: M320, M330, M720

Samsung: C100, C110, C120, C200, C210, C230, C300, D100, D410, D420, D480, D500, D510, D520, D600, D800, D820, D830, D840, D900, E100, E200, E250, E300, E310, E330, E340, E350, E360, E370, E380, E420, E480, E530, E570, E600, E610, E620, E630, E640, E700, E710, E720, E730, E740, E750, E760, E770, E800, E810, E820, E830, E840, E880, E890, E900, F300, P100, P310, P400+, P510, P730, S200, S300, S500, U600, V200, X100, X200, X300, X450, X460, X480, X560, X600, X620, X640, X660, X700, X800, X810, X820, X830, Z130

Panasonic: VS2, VS3, X100, X11, X300, X500, X70, X700, X800, X88

SonyEricsson: A2618, A2638, D750, F500, J300i, K300i, K310i-K310a, K500i, K508i, K510, K550i-K550a, K600i, K608i, K700i, K750i, K790i, K800i-K800a, K818i-K818a, P800, P900, P910, R320, R520, S500i, S700i, SH888, T230, T28, T29, T290, T310, T39, T610, T620, T65, T66, T68, T68i, T68ie, V800, W200i-W200a, W300i-W300a, W550, W580, W610i-W610a, W700i, W710i-W710a, W800, W810, W830i, W880i-W880a, W888i-W888a, W910, Z1010, Z520, Z550i-Z550a, Z558i-Z558a, Z600, Z610i-Z610a, Z710i-Z710a, Z800

Siemens: A65, C35i, C45, C55, C60, C62, C65, C75, CF110, CF62, CT65, CV65, CX65, CX70, M35, M50, M55, M65, MC60, ME45, S25, S35, S45, S46, S55, S65, SK65, SL45, SL45i, SL55, SL65, SP65, ST60, SX1

Sharp: GX17, GX25, GX30, GXi98, GX10i
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