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everybody knows what Phone Explorer (by GLaDOS) for SonyEricsson A1 & A2 phones is. But some of you don't know how easily it can be used.

Therefore we have created a new video tutorial for you. You can watch it at official Cruiser Suite Tech Blog section, or directly by Click here.

To see the Phone Explorer video tutorial, click here.

More videos will come soon.



Phone Explorer is totally free, it doesn't require any dongle, no credits, no internet connection. Just download, install and work.

With Phone Explorer you can do for example this:

* upload enhanced camera driver
* change startup and shutdown animations
* enable flash background
* modify system fonts
* change sounds, menu icons
* modify acoustics
* add any T9 dictionary to your phone
* remove unneeded languages
* download protected multimedia files
* modify soft-keys
* edit menu contents
* backup or restore comfortly your contact database

Or simply do anything in file-system of your SonyEricsson A1 & A2 phone.

To visit official Cruiser Suite section of this forum, click here.

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