Technical Mobile Glossary

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CNR - carrier to noise ratio
SNR - signal to noise ratio
CPU - Central Processing Unit
MCU- Micro Controller Unit
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
DSC- Digital Signal Controller
PIC - Peripheral Interface Controller
OMAP - Open Multimedia Applications Platform
ADSP - Advanced Digital Signal Processor
JTAG - Joint Test Action Group
ICSP - In Circuit Serial Programming
USB - Universal Serial Bus
LPT - Line Print Terminal
IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity
SIM - subscriber Indentity Module
MCC - Mobile Country Code
MNC - Mobile Network Code
MSIN - Mobile Station Identification Number
NMSI - National Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Indentification
TMSI - Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identification
LAI - Local Area Identification
PIN - Personal Identification Number
PUK - Personal Unblock Code
MS - Mobile Station
BCCH - Brodcast Control Channel
FCCH - Frenquency Control Channel
SCH - Synchronization Channel
PLMN - Public Lang Mobile Network
SDCCH - Stand Alone Dedicated Control Channel
SACCH - Slow Associated Control Channel
CCCH - common Control Channel
RACH - Random Access Channel
FACCH - Fast Associated Control Channel

IC - Intergrated CircuiT
UEM - Universal Energy Management
PPM - Phone Permanent Memory
MCU - Micro Controller Unit
PM - Permanent Memory
COBBA IC - Common Base Band Analog

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