Some people maybe receive any error message when updating / install HWK on latest versio, it's a simple tricks to avoid any error of them.

1. Uninstall ALL previous versions, if you have 2.0.6/2.0.7 installed you MUST uninstall HWK Suite BEFORE trying to uninstall HWK Support Suite.
2. Install HWK Support Suite download from supportlogin
3. Connect your UFS+HWK before running the HWK Update Client
4. Run HWK Update Client, Next, Wait ..., Start HWK update >>
5. Once your HWK has been sucessfully updated, click the Support button in the HWK Update Client and download HWK Suite.
6. If you have more than 1 UFS+HWK run steps 3 and 4 for each UFS+HWK.
7. Install HWK Suite

How to add further UFS+HWK after initial install.

1. 3 and 4 as first proceedure above.
2. If you are adding more than 1 UFS+HWK run step 1 for each UFS+HWK.
3. Run HWK Suite after initial progress bar, cancel, yes and finish.

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