You have many flash files in motorola , and you don't know which flash files higher than others .

For Example :
We have flash files L6 :
1- R3511_G_0A.52.26R
2- R3511_G_0A.53.1AR
3- R3511_G_0A.53.12R

So Which Flash file higher than others ?

OK , Let me start , you have to know the Alphabetical letter for more than a No.

Here the method :

1- Go to Calculator in your PC from start menu then choose ACCESSORIES , then choose calculator .
2- Press View then scientific then choose HEX .
3- Of course files we have diff between the last Alphabet with the RED Color . So you will write 26 after choose HEX then press DEC it will show to you Field = 38 .
4- Repeat same method then write 1A then press DEC it will show to you Field = 26.
5- Repeat smae method the write 12 then press DEC it will show to you field = 18.

So which version is higher than other ?
No.1 Higher is :
then No.2 is :
then No.3 is :

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