- Recent Motorola Handset Drivers
* Can be obtained at:
- The Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or above
* Can be obtained at: (x86)

- Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Phone tested: Movilnet (Venezuela) V3m, SW version: NCR_01.18.00R
OS: Windows XP Home Edition SP2 on a Core 2 Duo laptop

* Seem editing works without problems (read/modify/save)
* Just plug the phone, and you're ready to go. Not having to mess with MSU/PST it's really nice.
* Reboot/suspend phone works (BTW: the only way to un-suspend the phone is to reboot? And why Suspend is useful?)
* SPC reading is a very handy feature. No need to remember which seem has the SPC
* Functions.csv really needs an update
* How this tool reads the carrier? It didn't detected my carrier (Movilnet)

Thanks to null1281 by coding this simple yet awesome tool! And thanks to all people that helped with it. And now, some suggestions for future versions:

* Read all other security codes (user/master lock)
* UI translations support
* Linux version? (OK, this one is tough, and may never happen, but i can still dream with that

|Download P2K05 SEEM

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