1.3.6 2009.13.0 Nokia Care Suite is available. This multi-protocol service software
supports Nokia CDMA products and limited functions of GSM and WCDMA products

Note that this version should be considered a beta version for GSM / WCDMA model

This version is published in NOL for all CDMA markets and India.

Service SW installation packages, and Technical Bulletins are available from NOL.

• Multiple tools have been flash-enabled CDMA (GSM, but does not work)
• Connection can be added without restarting Care Suite
• Improvements to the application of fuses to close properly
• Finish - button is available after the recovery is finished
• Improvements PST application that allows close properly
• Additional display correctly
• Improvements in the writing of product registration
• Nokia Care Suite icon on the desktop is visible
• error occurs when a product without support is connected
• Improvements to "Number of days to store" field of products to Register
• location of registration error occurred when the product is not in line with the current location
• Auto test reports are only active for HR-111

• Error message appears when the user wants to open Setiings editor configuration file
• CDMA can not provide multi program PRL, ERI, contacts and information MDN
• Configuration Editor is not compatible with CDMA N8208 / N2608 RM-384 / RM-376
• Fatal error occurs when closing the tool support Vista
• Message "Fatal error during installation" can be shown
• Failed Uninstallation can be shown
• Problems with N1202 fuse / RH-111 detection
• Fuse Confirmation dialog for the connection of the name change not working properly
• Multi renew / start Automatc multiple renewal process does not work correctly when the user
new product connects
• UI elements do not work properly and WinVista
• Scroll bar in the fuse does not change its position when the user drag and drop it
• Internal error in module N96 / RM-247 restored
• Download software update package does not renew for several
• Fuse: An error occurred while attempting to close the dialog box
• Software Update / error messages appear DCT-4 during the upgrade process

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