MT Box Nokia - MTB NK 1.59 setup

Release notes:

* Added button 'RapidoRPL' - use this to calculate SIMLOCK in RPL format, and repair rapido phones with damaged simlock data
* Fixed FBUS flashing to solve problem with very slow flashing 5310 to version 10.10
* Fixed FBUS boot of some slow BB5 models - 5220, 6600, etc ...
* Added support for USB flashing 5130 and similar models (using Dead USB is more stable)
* All Server accounts who have service enabled for code generation or rapido phones (dk_sl2 service) also now have enabled RPL service for price of 10 credits ( this is dksl2XXXXX limited accounts and full accounts)
* Fixed flashing bugs for some RAPIDO phones
* Added Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver and Nokia_Flashing_Cable_Driver


MTB NK 1.59 setup

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